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GP, RW Ristokat Valentina of Luvely

Seal Point Himalayan Spay

10th Best Cat in Premiership, Northwest Region, 2005-06 show season

4th Best Himalayan in Premiership nationally, 2005-06 show season

(GC, RW Ristokat's Chippendale x
CH Oakheaven's Offline of Ristokat, DM)

CH, RW Sunny Ridge Sienna Rose of Luvely

Tortoiseshell Persian Female
Halfway to her grand title

25th Best Kitten, Northwest Region, 2006-07 show season

Full sister to CFA's Cat of the Year in 2007-08,
GC, BW, NW Sunny Ridge Polar Express of Wishes

(GC Sunny Ridge Oscar De La Renta x
Artemis Chalet, DM)

GC Luvely Ice Ice Baby

Copper-Eyed White Persian Male

Meisha granded December 7, 2008
Our first home-bred Grand Champion!!

(CH Steeplechase Galaxy Orion of Luvely x
CH, RW Sunny Ridge Sienna Rose of Luvely)

CH Steeplechase Galaxy Orion of Luvely

Copper-Eyed White Persian Male
Grand pointed

(CH EZLuvin Winterfest of Steeplechase x
Steeplechase Promise)

CH Phyxius Late Night of Luvely

Black Persian Male

(CH Jubileum In A NY Minute of Phyxius x
CH Parti Wai Lil Witch of Phyxius)

PR Phyxius Little Billy Boy

Brown Tabby Persian Neuter

(GC Boberan's Black Knight of Phyxius x
GC Phyxius Simply Irresistible)

CH Phyxius Bonnie Blue of Luvely

Blue Persian Spay

(CH Phyxius Darkest Hour x
GC In Style My Blue Heaven of Phyxius)

CH Luvely Sk8er Boi of Ristokat

Brown Tabby Persian Male
Co-owned with Kathy Durdick of Ristokat Himalayans

(CH Phyxius Noah's Ark of Luvely x
CH, RW Sunny Ridge Sienna Rose of Luvely)

Bean was 10th Best Tabby kitten Nationally for the 2008-09 season!
Bean was also the BEST Tabby kitten in the Northwest Region in 2008-09!!

CH Joleigh Maxwell of Luvely

Silver McTabby Persian Male

(GC, RW Joleigh Silver Sensation of Red Sky x
CH Joleigh Firefly of Red Sky)

Maxwell was the Northwest Region's Best of Color
for the 2008-09 show season!

CH Joleigh Tiger Lily of Luvely

Silver Patched Tabby Persian Female

(GC, RW Joleigh Silver Sensation of Red Sky x
GC, RW Joleigh Sparkle Plenty of Red Sky)

CH Rare Earth Riley Sue of Luvely

Brown Tabby Persian Female

(Joleigh Gabrielle x
CH Rare Earth Blaze Of Glory)

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